Surface Treatments

Luigi Amico is a leader in the surface treatment and coating market in Italy and France and is the technical partner and sister company of Amico & Co.

Grit Blasting

One of the surface treatments Luigi Amico specialises in is grit blasting and grit blasting on high-up external surfaces and in confined spaces.

Grit blasting with synthetic or natural abrasives that can be performed:

  • On external surfaces, with the possibility of using our self-propelling hydraulic mobile platforms
  • In confined spaces (cisterns, any sort of tank) both in naval and industrial contexts, maintaining the same temperature and humidity conditions by using mobile dehumidifying systems, ventilation systems and air warming, with instruments monitoring the conditions.
  • Shot blasting of flooring with special machines with automatic grit recycling without dispersing dust in the environment

All these works can be performed in confined spaces in compliance with Presidential Decree no. 177/2011.