Further services and skills offered by Luigi Amico

Vessel painting

Naval, industrial and civil painting works.

Painting works are not just carried out for aesthetic reasons – the right coating can give economic advantages too, in terms of reducing consumption and reducing maintenance works and guarantees better security standards.

By using particular techniques and specifications, in accordance with the main companies that produce paint products and following ISO standards, our technical office is able to advise on the most suitable painting cycle for the Client’s requirements.

We can apply products that are:

  • Fast drying
  • Synthetic
  • Catalysed epoxides
  • Catalysed polyurethanes
  • Epoxy-tar
  • Galvanising
  • Chlorinated rubber
  • Hygrohardening paints
  • High thickness cycles
  • Fireproof cycles
  • Water based cycles
  • High solid-content cycles


Tank coating

Special treatments for tanks and surfaces subject to corrosion in the naval and industrial field.

Quality and duration of protective coatings are guaranteed by special working procedures and by the equipment utilized.

These working procedures and equipment comprise of:

– indoor conditioning, compressed air purification for sandblasting, utilization of “clean” abrasive material

– dust collection for better inside working conditions and limitation of environmental pollution

– final quality testing

The treatments performed can be covered by an annual guarantee, drawn up in co-operation with the supplier of the paints and other products that we use.