Other services

Further services and skills offered by Luigi Amico



  • Thermal-acoustic and fireproof insulation on hulls, decks, bulkheads and floors (fire insulation on decks and bulkheads, using MED certified material (A30/A60)
  • Thermal insulation for exhaust pipes and silencers
  • Production and mounting of thermal insulating laggings
  • Thermal insulation for hot water and chilled water pipes, using Armaflex system, provided with fire certificates
  • Sound-proofing of Engine Control Rooms, with doors and windows
  • Aesthetic finishing for Engine Rooms and technical lockers.

Diesel regeneration 

Another service feature of Luigi Amico’s is Diesel Treatment.

Diesel fuel, in addition to containing contaminants that can cause engine failure, will eventually degrade. This is due to the generation of bacteria, algae and mold that determines a strong reduction of the calorific value and the clogging of the gas supply piping engines.

With specific treatments that can be performed on site, you can eliminate the bacteria in the tank and in the power circuit thanks to specific germicides used during regeneration operations. The products used have the ability to break up the contaminants such as algae and fungi in order to remedy the filter clogging problems. In the regeneration of diesel fuel, products are also used that restore the calorific value and facilitate cleaning of the injectors. Through this treatment, the fuel can be stored in the tanks during the winter months.

Diesel fuel separation

In general, diesel on board is found to be contaminated by water and solids (sand, ferrous scraps, etc.) which, when navigating in rough waters, then tend to mix with fuel, often causing damage to the main engines and clogging the traditional passive filters protection. If you do not have effective diesel cleaning systems, you can contact Luigi Amico. Luigi Amico carries out purification of diesel contaminants directly in the marina where the vessel is moored. The purification system used is a centrifugal type of purification, from which you can obtain a purified substance that is 95% water and solid-free below 5 Micron. This treatment not only prevents damage to the main engines, but reduces the wear of its components, in particular in common rail engines where operating pressures are extremely high.