Special Decorative Painting

Further services and skills offered by Luigi Amico

Special decorative painting

Written motifs, brands and designs of any size.

Special decorative painting and decorative films.

Luigi Amico has a special internal department that can work and apply technical films.

  • Creation of written motifs, brands and designs of any size by using templates in adhesive film, produced to allow the tracing of a faithful reproduction of the subject required then with successive painting, without any dimension limit.

Other ways the technical films can work are –

  • Paint text, brands and drawings using tracing, thanks to image projection
  • Apply shading or darkening films
  • Apply decorative films specifically approved for naval use for reconditioning and re-qualifying premises such as cabins and corridors on ships, including passenger vessels, public spaces, offices and so on.

Case study:

One of Luigi Amico’s major surface projects was the decoration of cruise ship MSC Euribia, with a #savethesea personalisation which shares MSC Cruises’ commitment to environmental responsibility. The 60 day project required 6,000m2 of stencil and around 1,000 litres of paint, performed at the Chantiers de l’Atlantique.