Brand new graving dock at the shipyard

Superyacht size is constantly growing. For this reason Amico & Co is planning to improve its facilities by building a 100m fully covered dry dock.

It will be located alongside the Amico & Co facilities and workshops. Works will begin in September 2013 and are to be completed in March 2014.
The new 100m dry dock will complement three others Amico has access to nearby. These are run jointly with two other companies from the ship repair field.

In this way, Amico & Co will be able to offer a full range of covered spaces from 20 to 100 meters. Amico & Co is going to build the new graving dry dock thanks to the experience gained by the Company and the technical management over the years.

“It will be a major investment, ” says Alberto Amico, President & CEO of the company, “which will allow us to offer a competitively priced service to yachts of up to 100m and to move more towards that segment of the market that appreciates our reputation. Part of our strategy is to continue investing in new infrastructures to allow us to constantly improve our efficiency in the future”.