The Company

A specialised, modern industrial company servicing ships in Genoa Port and beyond

On the cutting edge

Luigi Amico constantly seeks the most modern and efficient solution for your surface preparation requirements.

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The company has always been the first to adopt new working methods to give the best outcome in terms of quality and efficiency.

Our strength lies in our ability to find solutions specific to our client’s requests and in the complete availability that we can offer in our field of work. We are always ready to offer advice on how to obtain the best results, which includes using our past experience to advise when something is not feasible, working closely together with the client to find a working alternative. This approach often leads to a reciprocally trust-building relationship that, over the years, has created an ever growing level of confidence between our company, Owners, and Inspectors.

Quality at Luigi Amico

Quality in our working processes is essential to the Luigi Amico company. Below you can find our general Quality Policy (in Italian) and you can see our more specific Quality policies regarding the naval and the civil and industrial fields by clicking the relative links below.

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